News: Southwold Carpets paused for business until further notice


Due to the new Government guidelines and restrictions that the country was updated on last night, Southwold Carpets is now paused for business until further notice.

As well as the safety and well being of our customers, we also have to think about the safety and well being of our staff and their families, meaning that ALL current bookings are now on hold and will be rescheduled at a later date. Our Office and Showroom is also now closed - we have been updating all customers with booking this morning and send our apologies to you all, unfortunately this is now out of our hands.

If you wish to contact us via email, we have a member of staff who will be working from home to answer any queries anyone may have. Please do bare with us on that, we will be responding as quickly and as best as we can throughout this time.

We'd like to thank you all for your support throughout this time and hope that you all take care and stay safe. We will continue to remain in contact with you all as best as we can to update you on when Southwold Carpets is back to normal and when we are able to continue with any work.

With kindest regards from us all here at SCCB