News: Tier Four updates

Happy New Year!! ?✨ We hope you’re all keeping so well and were able to enjoy Christmas and New Year as best as you could given the circumstances. As you know, we are in tier four which, again, changes things for us and our services which we’d just like to address... The change that comes again is that our Showroom must remain closed until further notice. We are unable to open as planned on the 4th, however, like before, if anyone should require anything from our Showroom whilst we are closed, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email as the click and collect service shall be available again should anyone require ~ 01502 724948 / Measures and fittings shall proceed as planned and continue for now as of Monday 4th. We are on the understanding that working in customer homes can continue in tier four, however, we cannot stress enough for our customers to please follow the rules and guidelines given by the government and also take on board our procedures that you will receive in our procedures forms. Forms will be given to all customers on enquiry of appointments and without any signed forms back from our customers, we will not attend. We are due back to return to our office on Monday 4th but we ask you to please bare with us as we shall be on limited staff during this current time. Any enquires that have been received during the time we have been closed shall be responded to as on Monday. For any customers who would prefer to put on hold any appointments, please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm this. We thank you for your understanding and patience during yet another difficult time we face. Please do bare with us whilst we do all we can do endeavour all current works and any new that we can receive. And thank you all once more for your continued support! Please keep safe and take care. Here’s hoping for a some what brighter 2021 for us all✨ SCCB