News: ? Thursday 6th October ?

Good morning everyone,

It has come to our attention, after a discussion with one of our customers this morning, that our Google search page appeared to have shown Southwold Carpets as permanently closed.


We have checked this information and can see that we are showing as open which we very much are!!
We are still running as a business and our hours remain as Monday - Friday 9am-5pm ~ based at Unit 1 Southwold Business Centre, St Edmunds Road, Southwold, IP18 6JU

Unfortunately with Google, there is an option for anyone to change information to any companies Google page, which we personally feel should not be allowed.
Altering any companies details yourself can be very misleading and very damaging to that business if those details are altered incorrectly.

We do keep track of our Google page regularly to make sure all information is up to date and showing as correct which we can confirm at this present moment, all information is current.
If perhaps you spot something via our Google page that you feel we are not confirming with our customers, if you could please contact us about this instead of changing those details yourself, we’d very very much appreciate it. We will then update ourselves if we find we need to add that information on or change any details.

We send our thanks and appreciation to our customer for their concern this morning and to double confirm with you all again that we are very very much still running as a business!